Radio Story Hour is the next project from the creators of the successful Secrets of Harridge House, which ran for three seasons. They wanted to move away from the weekly series format and give themselves some breathing room. What resulted is a once-monthly anthology series that premiered in April 2023.

The team includes:

A writer-producer, Scott's been floating around the Film/TV industry since 1980, when he sold his first script to a popular TV series. Since then, he's worked for studios and independent companies alike. In 2020, when the Covid-19 lockdowns were first starting, he branched into audio dramas by co-creating Secrets of Harridge House. Scott mainly works with the writers, directors and actors, but also takes the reins as director once in a while.

Following a 40-year career in the legal world, Dee returned to her undergraduate and graduate roots in theater and radio with her involvement on Secrets of Harridge House as a writer and supervising producer and in Radio Story Hour as a writer, director, and producer. When not involved in productions, she writes short stories, provides copy editing services to novelists, and teaches Zentangle workshops.

Ninety-five percent of the shows we produce are developed in-house. We will occasionally take pitch meetings from new writers. It's recommended that any writers interested in working on one of our productions write to us at radio(dot)story(dot)teller(at)gmail(dot)com -- (sorry, but we spell out the email address like this to prevent automated spam bots from acquiring the address from this website.). In the email, tell us who you are, where you are, and a rundown of all of your writing experience.

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